Come unwind and relax with our beautiful licensed massage therapist for the ultimate message experience.

Ms. Ling owner and technician has 23 years of experience with extensive training in “Best Traditional Chinese Medical Therapist Treatment” Ms. Ling was trained and educated in the Northern Province of China with the most renown professional clinics for this type of natural pain relief and treatment.

Ms. Ling capabilities and training is focused in immediate pain relief for acute and chronic pain in the following areas but not limited to: Neck, frozen shoulder, backache, hip discomfort, knee arthritis, joint sciatica, any muscular pain, headaches associated with migraines, bowel consumption, edema, slimming dysmenorrheal.

By utilizing manipulation characteristics and procedures for quick and fast relief techniques will guarantee the customer a total satisfaction when leaving the clinic with a feeling of symptoms and pain relief.

Ms. Ling has accumulated additional ample training and expertise in treating the areas of facial point, (used jade) massage which in term will allow a much efficient circulation and blood flow in the facial blood cells, muscles and nerves.

Chinese Medical Therapist Massage
  Neck   Headaches
  Knees   Constipation
  Joints / Hips   Hot Stones
  Frozen Shoulders   Cupping
  Scitica   Reflexology
  Back Joints Arthritus      

Body Massage
  30 min   $40.00
  60 min   $60.00
  90 min   $80.00
Hot Stones $5.00 extra

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